Pastor Bob Courtney

Pastor Bob began his ministry at Hillsdale Bible Church in April, 2011.  He has served for 34 years as Pastor in churches in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana and Oklahoma. 

He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute (BA Bible Theology) and Tyndale Theological Seminary (ThM, ThD, Ft. Worth, TX).  He also attended Southeastern Bible College and the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Pastor Bob is the founder and professor at Doulos Language and Bible Institute, and has also taught at Cornerstone Bible Institute (Hot Springs, SD, teaching Greek and Bible courses), Tyndale Theological Seminary (designer and teacher of the online Greek courses), and at Calvary University (Kansas City). 

He is also the author of two books:  Heaven and the Believer, and The Lord is Shepherding Me.

Pastor Bob is married to Pamela Courtney.  The family consists of 6 children and 8 grandchildren.