The History of Hillsdale Bible Church

The Hillsdale Bible Church has its beginnings while Oklahoma was still a territory, shortly after the land rush for the Cherokee Strip in 1893.  A little town called Hillsdale sprang up two miles north and one mile east of the present town of Hillsdale. 

The church, originally named The Hillsdale Congregational Church, was organized December 23, 1894.  By the summer of 1895, a church building was constructed. 

The history of Hillsdale and the Hillsdale Bible Church are inseparable.  According to the book, "The Coldwater-Hillsdale Story" (by Marion Hoffsommer), the Congregational Church (later named Hillsdale Bible Church) was "located just across the half section line from old Hillsdale, two and one half miles northeast of the present Hillsdale." 

Due the the placement of the railroad, the town began to move stores and the Post Office to the new location.  The issue of the naming of the town concerned two names: Coldwater and Hillsdale, which was eventually decided in favor of Hillsdale, Oklahoma. 

"The Church had a hard time deciding what to do, so it remained in its old location until 1909.  At that time the old U.B. Church building, 3 miles NW of town, was purchased and moved to town, where it was placed at the corner of Broadway and Conner, and remained their church home until 1917 when the present building was constructed at Oak and Jett streets.  

"The church has proven to be a cohesive force in the community as for many years it has been the only church in town.  it has been blessed by the ministry of many pastors who have faithfully proclaimed the good news of the gospel, calling the hearers to turn to the only Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

The name of the church was changed to Hillsdale Bible Church on June 20, 1982.